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Rural Edge was recipient of the second highest grant amount in the country from the Federal government's National Farm Safety Education Fund, focussed on improving farm safety practices. Rural Edge is now launching their 3 part online Farm Safety program, utilising content from Rural Edge's inaugural Farm Safety workshop!

What's in our program?

The first part is a workshop based on Federal legislation and will contain information around state legislation. The program will be targeted at farm business owners and will result in the development of farm safety plans that cover all types of workers on that farm. Participants set goals related to their farm safety plan at the workshop.

4 weeks' later a follow-up webinar is held to discuss progress on their goals and address any real-life scenarios or questions that have arisen. These first two elements are group based, building a community of peer learners who share and guide each other. They are facilitated by qualified, experienced staff from Processworx.

The final element is 2 x one-on-one farm safety online coaching sessions. The first session is eight weeks after the webinar and the second is eight weeks after that. These sessions provide individual farm safety advice and support to finalise the farm safety plans and complete an independent review of the actions taken to date.


  • Danielle McNamee (Managing Director of Processworx)

    Danielle McNamee

    Managing Director of Processworx


    Danielle is the Managing Director and co-founder of ProcessWorx which was established in 2012 to provide small business with access to expertise, systems and support traditionally only affordable to large organisations.
    Danielle commenced her career with the Reserve Bank of Australia after studying Economics. She has over 20 years experience in Australia and overseas working with recruitment, human resources and technology consultancies.
    Danielle has provided strategic direction on people management and process development as part of management teams and in a consulting capacity. More recently Danielle has worked with Australian SMEs across diverse industries to improve their success through development of better people and process management.

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