Farm Safety Short Course - Expressions of interest

Rural Edge is now taking expressions of interest for our Farm Safety Short Course workshop.

This new form short course, spanning 1.5 hours, will give you a crash course on your obligations as a farmer & business owner, a rundown on the laws you need to know, a library of online templates to use in your own time PLUS you will begin your safety journey in real-time by creating a risk register with the guidance of our facilitator. This means, reducing time spent off the farm but maximising your safety knowledge.

This session will be facilitated by David Sullivan who is passionate and experienced in Agriculture Health & Safety. 

This short course has been subsidised and made possible by our partnership with CBH Group.

Rural Edge now offer four learning methods:

ONLINE - Dial into Zoom and learn from the comfort of your own home on a pre-scheduled date. You will share this session with other attendees.

FACE-TO-FACE - Do you prefer in-person learning? Our face-to-face session has you in the room with our facilitator. *minimum numbers will be required.

HYBRID - Dial into Zoom from a community space with your other attendees. This is a great option if you want that peer consultation but you have the flexibility of our facilitators schedule. *minimum numbers will be required.

OWN-PACE LEARNING - We have designed a new own-pace learning system where you can log on and learn at any time. Watch pre-recorded videos from our safety experts, take the quizzes, access templates and meet your safety obligations at your own pace.

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